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Effective 1st July 2012, your eligibility to receive the full private health insurance rebate is dependent on your taxable income for Medicare Levy Surcharge purposes and where it falls based on three ‘Private Health Insurance Rebate Tiers’. For many, your rebate will remain the same, but for some, your rebate may be reduced or removed. Higher income earners, who are registered to claim the rebate as a premium reduction, should consider nominating a rebate tier to avoid incurring a tax debt at the end of the year. It is important for higher income earners to retain the appropriate level of hospital cover to ensure they remain exempt from the Medicare Levy Surcharge. If you do not wish to nominate a rebate tier, the full rebate will be applied to your policy as a premium reduction.


To help determine the Private Health Insurance Rebate Tier you wish to nominate, please visit the Australian Taxation Office web-site or refer to the Australian Government Rebate section on the St.LukesHealth web site.